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Our firm initiated and litigated with co-counsel, the Mercedes-Benz Moldy Air Conditioning case that covered over 2.5 Million Vehicles.

Do you own a 2010-2022 Mercedes-Benz C, E, GLK, G, CLS SLK/SLC, or SL Class Vehicle and Have Experienced a Rusted Rear Subframe or Brake Lines?

In 2023, Corpus Law and co-counsel filed a federal automotive defect class action lawsuit alleging breach of warranty and violation of state and federal consumer fraud laws, relating to rust or corrosion of the subframe of 2010-2022 Mercedes C, E, GLK, G, CLS SLK/SLC, and SL Models.

The Complaint notes that the rust and corrosion can adversely affect driveability, lead to corrosion of other components on the underside of the vehicles, or cause the rear subframes to fail while the vehicles are in motion.

Because the corrosion occurs “from the inside out,” the defect is not apparent even to a trained mechanic until the rear subframe is dangerously corroded, near total failure, and has rendered the vehicle unsafe to operate. Replacing the rear subframe typically costs from $3,500 to more than $7,000.

This is Attorney Communication/Advertisement. Corpus Law is an experienced vehicle defect class action law firm. Licensed in Georgia, cases are handled nationally with the cooperation of a large national firm.

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